Cadet Project Material Search Engine
Management System, Desktop/Laptop, School Project, Java SE

Cadet Project Material Search Engine


It is safe to say that most activities such as storing of research material carried out in most

universities in Nigeria are done manually. Therefore, there is a lot of strain on the

individuals running the research library. A research search system is simply software

developed for retrieving of research material without going through the stress of moving

from one shelf to another in the research library. These activities takes place in the library

with the help of a library administrator.


The goal of this research work is to provide a solution to the problem of a research library,

by designing a computerized system which is user-friendly and GUI-oriented that will be

compatible with the existing manual systems. The software to be developed will solve the

problem of sorting and retrieving of research materials. 


The objective of this study is to develop an application that will ease the stress associated with the existing manual system as earlier stated, while focusing on a research search system.

This study aims to achieve the following;

                                i.            To create a database management system (DBMS) which store research material and provides security for the stored data.

                              ii.            To provide quick and efficient means retrieving student research/projects material through a search system

                            iii.            At the completion of this work, this system will improve the management of a research library which can be uses as a model in building digital research library.


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