Finger Print Crime Detection System
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Finger Print Crime Detection System


Each day, we hear of increasing number of criminal activities in our society, these activities isn’t restricted to a particular society but the world at large. The police who are supposed to protect life and properties aren’t always in the scene of the crime which gives room for the criminals to flee the scene without any trace. Due to these factors, a system which will be able to keep record or detect criminal acts even when the perpetrators have fled the scene he/she can still be reflected in the system. Therefore this project will focus on developing a system to detect crime and related activities.

Aim and Objectives of Study

The aim of this study is to develop a fingerprint verification system for crime detection. In order to achieve this aim, the following objectives were considered:

         i.        Examining the activities of fingerprint verification system

       ii.        Review of the types of fingerprint technologies

     iii.        Design of a fingerprint verification system(FPVS)

    iv. Deploy the developed FPVS to sampled population to test for reliability.


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