Bidding & Auction System
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Bidding & Auction System


Online bidding and auction system provides an interface by which clients or ‘bidders’, can issue secret bids to service for an advertised auction. Once the bidding period has ended, the auction service opens the bids, determine the winning bid according to some publicly known rule (e.g., the highest bidder wins), and provides the winning bidder with a ticket for claiming the item bided upon.


The aim of this research is to design an online bidding and auction system using UML.

Unified Modeling Language (UML) is being employed to show the architectural model, subsystems, use cases, activity workflows, class diagram, user interfaces, and system sequence diagrams.

The objectives are:

(a)   To fully understand online auction system requirements.

(b)  Develop an online bidding system were bidders can bid for a particular product and the winner will be determined.

(c)  To educate auction users about fraud and auctioning behaviors.


The design of online bidding and auction system allows the testing of the effectiveness of our own shill bidding detection and prevention proposal.

It also renders the services that support the submission of monetary bids for an auction and ensures the validity of the outcome, despite the malicious collaboration of arbitrarily many bidders and fewer than one-third of the auction servers comprising the service.


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